Recursive overview of Permissions in Alfresco

Often we create all kind of folder structures, and assign, add or remove permissions for particular groups. But how to keep overview on who can do what? What folders inherit permissions, and where are they set again?
I frequently use this presentation template (as a custom view in the Alfresco Explorer) to find out how the permissions are set.

  1. Store this script at Company Home/Data Dictionary/Presentation Templates
  2. Go to the detailed view of a Space (the script goes recursively down the tree from here). In the Custom View area (top section), apply a new view by selecting the icon next to trash in the right upper corner, or enlarge the section and select Apply template
  3. Select the template you just added in step 1 from the pull down list, and confirm your selection.

  4. In the detailed view as well as the default view the new template can be visible (toggle by selecting the grey triangle before Custom view. (It can be removed again in the Detailed view.).

The result could look something like: (and yes, you can translate the Dutch “ja” to “yes”, “nee” to “no” and “Gebruikersrechten” into “Permissions”…)

<#macro dir node depth>

<#if node.isContainer>

<#assign access=node.getPermissions() />

<td align='left'>(${depth})
<#if (depth>0) >
<#list 1..depth as i>
<img src="/alfresco${node.icon16}"> <a href="/alfresco${node.url}">${}</a>
<td align='center'>
<#if node.inheritsPermissions>Ja<#else>-</#if>
<table width='100%'>
<#list access as a>
<tr width="100%" align="left">
<#list a?split(";") as p>
<#if p!="ALLOWED">
<td width="33%" NOWRAP align="left">${p?replace("GROUP_"," ")?replace("ALLOWED","")?replace("DENIED","niet: ")} </td>
<#if (access?size <1) >
<tr><td colspan='2'> </td></tr>
<#list node.children as child>
<#if child.isContainer && node.children?size != 0 >
<@dir node=child depth=depth+1/>
<table border="1" celpadding="1" cellspacing="1">
  <tr><th> Name Space </th><th>Inherits ACL</th><th> A/D</th></tr>
  <@dir node=space depth=0/>


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  1. 1 peter June 16, 2010 at 10:22

    thx a lot for this helpful script


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