Ephesoft and Alfresco in one Tomcat instance

In the past I already tried to get Ephesoft (The open source, web based mailroom automation tool)  and Alfresco (the open source content management solution) running in a single Tomcat instance. On Ubuntu, and starting with the Alfresco instance, copying Ephesoft into there. For all kind of distracting reasons (among others writing 4 blogs simultaniously) this failed. This blog will describe a successful attempt to install both into a single Tomcat on Windows.

Why? Because it seems convenient for a demo, not to have to start a VMWare image next to two applications.
First, install Ephesoft. I did an Enterprise install ( against a previously installed MySQL (running as a service on my laptop). We are going to use the Tomcat as installed and configured by Ephesoft. I am going to get me a configuration as described below.
Alfresco-Ephesoft setup

First I installed Ephesoft and made sure it starts and can create a pdf form tif. The Enterprise version of Ephesoft installs OpenLDAP for you as well. I use JXplorer to browse the LDAP and view/add/modify/remove entries in my LDAP. (Connect anonymous to localhost port 389)

I downloaded an Alfresco Enterprise (3.4.0), with only the war’s (and related tomcat folders like shared and config).
  • copy the contents of /web-server/bin folder from the alfresco zip into the JavaAppServer/bin (Include the dll’s of the distribution you run, 32 or 64bit.)
  • copy the contents of /web-server/lib folder from the alfresco zip into the JavaAppServer/lib
  • copy the contents of /web-server/shared folder from the alfresco zip into the JavaAppServer/shared
  • merge the contents of the files in /web-server/conf from the alfresco zip with the same files in JavaAppServer/conf. Take a good look at catalina.properties, the section starting at shared.loader. (I prefer WinMerge to look for the differences and merge them together.)
  • Copy alfresco.war into JavaAppServer/webapps
Edit JavaAppServer/bin/startup.bat
Add the line
set ALF_HOME=%~dps0
Beef up the memory, otherwise it will not run together. Add to the line containing JAVA_OPTS these Alfresco memory settings -Xms128m -Xmx1572m -Xss96k -XX:MaxPermSize=160m -server -Dalfresco.home=%ALF_HOME%
1.5G of memory seems sufficent for my demo purpose.
However, if you try to start Tomcat, I ran into memory poblems. The expansion of the war file together with running Ephesoft appears to be too much. I solved it by temporary disabling Ephesoft. I did this by editing JavaAppServer/bin/startup.bat. I mutulated the DCMA_HOME variable, by adding some characters to the folder name Application. this way it will not be loaded.
set DCMA_HOME=D:\bin\Ephesoft/Application_doesnotexist
Restart tomcat, and see Alfresco nicely expanding. After Alfresco created all tables, and I validated I could actually log into the system, I shutdown Tomcat again.
Restore the original DCMA_HOME variable (ending on /Application),
Rename alfresco.war into something else (I prefer alfresco.warp to prevent it from expanding again)
Start up Tomcat, and notice that Ephesoft as well as Alfresco is available. It is not really a production ready environment, but surely good enough for some Ephesoft-Alfresco demo’s! Play with the CMIS integration you can configure using one of my previous posts.
You can use OpenLDAP, since it is there. Configure it in your alfresco-global.properties, add these lines (thanks for the final tip Rick):
# The default principal to use (only used for LDAP sync)
# The password for the default principal (only used for LDAP sync)
# The group search base restricts the LDAP group query to a sub section of tree on the LDAP server.
# The user search base restricts the LDAP user query to a sub section of tree on the LDAP server.
(If you feel lucky you can even put Apache in front, it is provided for your convenience in the Ephesoft Enterprise install, and allows you for easy load balancing if you happen to run multiple Tomcat’s somewhere.)
[update 2011-02-24: Mentioned ‘thanks’ to Rick de Rooij]

11 Responses to “Ephesoft and Alfresco in one Tomcat instance”

  1. 1 imsascha March 22, 2011 at 20:18

    Hi, I have install Ephesoft version but there is an issue where it able to open BatchClassManagement.html and BatchList.html for the 1st time and become HTTP status 404 for the next time.

    I have try to start Ephesoft Open LDAP Directory but it show message

    “Windows could not start the Ephesoft Open LDAP Directory Service service on Local Computer.

    Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified.”

    • 2 tpeelen March 29, 2011 at 22:55

      It seems that your install failed somewhere. Can it be that the install of MySQL failed? This could cause the other components not to be installed after that. If that is the case, first de-install the component that caused the failure, and reinstall Ephesoft. It will detect the components already there, and continue the components missing.

      But version sounds like an Enterprise version. You should have support from the partner you bought the subscription from…

  2. 3 Dave March 28, 2011 at 20:47


    Where do I get the Enterprise version of Ephesoft?

  3. 5 KostebekTeknoloji (@KostebekTech) January 1, 2012 at 15:16

    i try this installation for community editions. I installed ephesoft with mysql and connected to ephesoft admin panel also connected to ldap with jxplorer. İ did not get error. After that i downloaded alfresco community 4.0.c from here
    ( https://process.alfresco.com/ccdl/?file=release/community/build-3979/alfresco-community-4.0.c.zip ) It does not contains configuration files.
    Therefore i could not continue, can you give any suggestion about community version for your work design or any other blog for alfresco 4.0.x and ephesoft?

    • 6 tpeelen January 2, 2012 at 18:22


      I do not have the intention of writing another blog about the integration with Alfresco 4.0, since the CMIS implementation is the same (the Good Thing about the CMIS standard).
      You could try the installer version of Alfresco for Linx or Windows, these are fully configured…
      (I do have a 32bit Ubuntu install blog in draft, but that might not exactly be what you need??)


  4. 7 aminos88 February 13, 2012 at 11:00

    I’m not goog in english but il will tru to explain my problem,
    after doing this tutorial the tomcat server can’t start and il have this message in the console “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space”
    i have :
    *ephesoft community
    *alfresco community
    *Win 7 64bit


  5. 9 OpenDev February 13, 2012 at 15:39

    Hi, thank you for the tutorial. do we can integrate alfresco community with ephesoft community?

    • 10 Tjarda Peelen February 14, 2012 at 14:53

      Yes you can.

      What do you want to achieve? In my blog I wrote I wanted to make life easier for demo purpose. If you want a real-life situation I do not advice to run both in one tomcat. Running on separate tomcat/servers you have much more freedom to optimize each app in its own way. You can take a look for more integration details of Alfresco and Ephesoft in this blog, of if you want more advanced stuff here.

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