Activiti BPM in Alfresco HEAD (3.4e)

Yesterday the message arrived that the Activiti code is in the publicly available Alfresco code base. The rumor already started at the NLJUG-Activiti workshop last Tuesday in Utrecht, the Netherlands, that it should be there in the wild soon. I downloaded the source from SVN, and here it is (no binary available yet):

(Click on the image to enlarge) As one can see there are 5 Activiti processes. And that’s all the sexy stuff I got so far. Workflow-console appears to have not changed, as well as the Alfresco Explorer UI is the same as ever. (No fancy process image so far.)

Looking at the Alfresco database, the Activiti tables are there. And (surprise surprise) they have quite some in common with the tables if viewed using Activiti-Probe against a plain install of Activiti.













You can find the BPMN2.0 templates at %tomcat%\webapps\alfresco\WEB-INF\classes\alfresco\workflow, just like the jBPM templates. You can recognize them by the *.bpmn20.xml extension.

I am looking forward to modelling processes BPMN2.0 style!

The Activiti project started in may 2010 (together with Signavio and Camunda), the first signs of the new BPM engine in the Community version of Alfresco now already. The team around Activiti is growing, the Community is enthusiastic, and developments take place at a high pace.

Enough for tonight.

7 Responses to “Activiti BPM in Alfresco HEAD (3.4e)”

  1. 1 Mario Guarinoni April 6, 2011 at 20:28

    I just recently comipled and installed alfresco 3.4e, but I have an error because Alfresco does not create the Activiti tables, I modified activiti.cfg.xml setting as indicated by the exception. But still does not create the tables, any suggestions? thank you very much

    • 2 tpeelen April 8, 2011 at 09:23

      Hi Mario,

      I am afraid I cannot help you out on this one… This is part of the risk of the ‘immature’ versions in HEAD. I guess something got broken. The best advice probably is to wait until they fixed it (or do it yourself). At this moment I have no spare time left to look into it…


      • 3 Mario Guarinoni April 11, 2011 at 22:19

        hi, after a few days I gave up, it was easy, I found the solution setting db.schema.update = true in the file, i hope this helps somebody with the same issue, thanks Tjarda

      • 5 Mario Guarinoni April 12, 2011 at 04:06

        My first version 3.4a from svn, the db.schema.update property was configured to true, then I have updated versions 3.4b and 3.4d, probably I had changed it to false in the middle. 😦
        Good it solved, ready to learn activiti workflows 🙂

        Thanks again, excellent article.


  2. 6 Retesi Ivan April 26, 2012 at 17:48

    I am looking for integrate Activiti in Alfresco, how can I start a process from Activiti that can be viewed in Alfresco too? how can i create a file in Alfresco from Activiti? thanks

    • 7 Tjarda Peelen May 2, 2012 at 21:31

      This is a too complex answer. Activiti is a way bigger bpm engine than Alfresco is currently using. The Alfresco integration is based on a particular baseline version of the Activiti project, and is focussed on document related workflow. The implementation is based on Alfresco’s task model + form engine. Depending on your needs, the easy answer in my opinion is something like:

      1. Try using Alfresc(+Activiti) to suit your BPM needs
      2. Use Activiti, and use CMIS to get/store/manipulate documents in a repository like Alfresco (or any other CMIS compliant repository)

      I hope this kind of answers your question.

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