Giplet rocks! IP numbers at your fingertips

A few weeks ago I switched Windows for Linux (Ubuntu, 10.04LTS) on my business laptop. Happy ever since! Today I am preparing a VM for a training, and needed to know some IP addresses. I ran into Giplet, a Gnome panel applet that can display IP addresses of network interfaces of choice.

To install it, run from the command line:

sudo apt-get install giplet

(Die-hards install from source, you get a more recent version, but the same ip-numbers:-))

Next, select “Add to panel”, type ‘gip” and find Giplet

You can configure it according your network settings. Find your network details by typing (on the command line):


The most left value is what you need (eth0, eth1, …). Personally I need ‘eth0’ for my internal IP addres, ‘vmnet8’ for the range assigned to VMWare images using NAT in their network settings. Right-click ‘no IP detected’, and enter your settings, like:

I just replaced the ‘eth0’ by the right network adapter. You can actually remove the ‘wlan0’ and ‘www.whatever’. I thought refreshing every hour would do (60 minutes). Actually, might be quite frequent after all.

Finally you might want to know your external IP as well. You can. Enter ‘’ instead of your network adapter to get the public IP address:

Now I got my IP’s I need:

I am happy with the result… Enjoy!

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  1. 1 joe October 5, 2012 at 19:16

    i like Giplet and Netspeed to and used them in 11.04 but they don’t seem to be available for 12.04 for some reason. (?) i don’t know how to compile, maybe thats the answer.

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