Admin panel for Alfresco Business Reporting

alfresco business reporting logoI just released a version of the reporting module. It actually is a bug-fix, because it appeared there was an issue running the query based tables (thanks Vincenzo, Hunter and Greg for taking the effort of leaving feedback in this blog, or issuing a ticket @ Google Code!). In order to make the progress of harvesting more visible, this new version provides you with an admin page in Alfresco Share. The page shows you the list of tables, and the number of rows harvested per table.

In this admin page you can see for each table that is being harvested:

  • the current status (Running or Done)
  • the timestamp the harvesting action has run successfully for the last time
  • the total number of rows
  • the number of items being ‘isLatest’
  • the number of items being non-latest
  • the number of items in the Workspace
  • the number of items in the Archivespace (e.g. deleted)

Business Reporting - Admin console

Here you can find a screencam of the panel-in-action. A fresh Alfresco with an empty reporting database will be filled, and the Admin panel will show the actual status of the reporting database…

Personally I doubt if the last two columns will survive over time. The #workspace column is not entirely true. I don’t update the SpaceStore if a version of a document is moved to the VersionStore… And the #archive column should not be true. it does not take into account objects that are actually removed from the archive store. Hopefully, at one point in time, the deleted items do get removed. The reporting toll will not notice. As far as I can see right now, these two columns will be dropped. Drop me a note if you think they do make sense.


2013-04-24: Update project logo to comply with Alfresco’s trademark guidelines and policies

3 Responses to “Admin panel for Alfresco Business Reporting”

  1. 1 Greg Hermo April 18, 2013 at 12:10

    Hi Tjarda, really great update. Thank you for your continuous work on this add-on. Installed the amp file smoothly 🙂 Also, I noticed in my initial run that the categories of the documents are now shown in the mysql database. This is really a good news, at least for me. 😀

    Although I hope you don’t mind me consulting some things — I’m not able to see the admin page for the add-on, do I need to install the alfresco-business-reporting…JAR file as well?
    Also, when I manually run the data harvesting script for the 2nd time (after uploading a new document), the new documents that I upload are not showing up in the database. Is the script query time bound?

    Hoping to hear your thoughts on this.

    Best regards.

    • 2 Tjarda Peelen April 18, 2013 at 14:15

      Hi Greg,

      You do need the jar for Share. It contains form definitions and the admin panel. Share is a separate web application (than the repository), so it cannot be packaged in the same jar/amp.

      I keep the 2nd harvesting run in mind. It should be picked up though. Can you please create an issue for this in the GoogleCode project? Than it stays in my span of attention. (Though currently focussing on locales/languages not having a Data Dictionary, but a local name for these system folders…)


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