Alfresco Summit Site Rocks

SpeakingBarcThis year I was a speaker at the Afresco Summit in Barcelona. It was quite an experience, and sharpened my skills. Also led to good discussions, great new contacts, nice chats and something nice with wine.

And what I like about Alfresco, is that they eat their own dog food (and it taste good!). As a speaker we had access to a Site in the Alfresco Cloud for our guiding information, and for storing our presentations and materials. There was a ‘drop folder’ created where we could post our new/updated presentation, so they were automatically published to the summit-website. How cool is that??!!! That is taking away barriers for publishing to an online (web) platform. Power to the Presenter! (And: Ease of Use!!)

And once the summit is over, all sessions appear online in streaming video/audio. All sessions… What a valuable source of information! And what a great way of peeking in at the other sessions sharing ‘my’ block (so I could not visit…) Now all session related information can be found collected in one spot, like here on the reporting session. And of course, if you want to squeeze a summit into a full (extended) weekend, check the playlist. (117 sessions in 86 hours, or check all keynotes if your evening has only 6 ‘hours’ left)

Sure Alfresco has room for improving itself, but arranging the ‘speaker’ infrastructure for such an event: Well Done!