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Alfresco Business Reporting on the move

google code closedWe probably all know, GoogleCode is shutting down. The downloads of the Alfresco Business Reporting already were hosted elsewhere. Now the actual code has moved over to GitHub. The good news is that the GitHub code is the actual source code (GoogleCode ran ‘a bit behind’). The documentation on the wiki and tickets still need to find their way to the new platform. Please issue your new tickets in the GitHub issue system. Thank you!

New release of Alfresco Business Reporting improves performance

Alfresco Busuniess Reporting 1.1Silently, last month a new version of the Alfresco Business Reporting module (version  has been released. The focus of this release was improved performance, mainly in repositories serving a lot of content. The focus of this release was mainly the harvesting process, getting the Alfresco metadata into the Reporting database. In order to do so, some restructuring had to take place. Continue reading ‘New release of Alfresco Business Reporting improves performance’

Alfresco Business Reporting 1.0 released!

champagneHurray! Version 1.0 of Alfresco Business Reporting is released! After some blood, sweat and some tears (what did the world do to deserve the Oracle SQL dialect?) this new release is finally there. The long requested feature of supporting other database vendors than MySQL is finally there. You can store the reporting database in MySQL, Postgresql and Oracle.  The report execution is also able to report against these database vendors (of course!) and store these reports back into the Alfresco repository. Continue reading ‘Alfresco Business Reporting 1.0 released!’

Reporting at the Alfresco Summit 2013

Alfresco Summit 2013

A week ago, at the Barcelona edition of the Alfresco Summit, there was a “Alfresco Reporting” session. Francesco Corti, Matthew Patin an myself presented their solution. We had a great audience with among others John Newton, Jeff Potts and John Iball. Alfresco is considering how to implement any kind of reporting themselves, so it became an interesting discussion. Continue reading ‘Reporting at the Alfresco Summit 2013’

Alfresco Business Reporting – The Current Status

alfresco business reporting logoIt has been quiet around the Alfresco Business Reporting tool for the last few months. The usual; family and work. I intended to release a new version before the Alfresco Summit in Barcelona, but it did not make it. A huge tender needed more attention than time available, so my side-project slipped unfortunately. Continue reading ‘Alfresco Business Reporting – The Current Status’

Admin panel for Alfresco Business Reporting

alfresco business reporting logoI just released a version of the reporting module. It actually is a bug-fix, because it appeared there was an issue running the query based tables (thanks Vincenzo, Hunter and Greg for taking the effort of leaving feedback in this blog, or issuing a ticket @ Google Code!). In order to make the progress of harvesting more visible, this new version provides you with an admin page in Alfresco Share. The page shows you the list of tables, and the number of rows harvested per table. Continue reading ‘Admin panel for Alfresco Business Reporting’

How to create a Site based Pentaho report (with sub-report) for Alfresco Business Reporting

alfresco business reporting logoThe recently released new version of Alfresco Business Reporting makes life easy for you as business users. Usually there is some SQL knowledge around to create some nice reports fulfilling your specific reporting needs. In this blog I will show how you can create  a report with content for a specific site only. The report will be stored back into that site. Your bonus is a subreports. Continue reading ‘How to create a Site based Pentaho report (with sub-report) for Alfresco Business Reporting’