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Review of ‘Alfresco 3 Cookbook’ by Snig Bhaumik

Cover of the Alfresco3 CookbookRecently, I was approached by Packt publishing if I would be interested in reviewing the Alfresco 3 Cookbook – quick answers to common problems. I like to cook, so I agreed. In short; I expected to cook, stirr and fry, but got a thorough guided tour through the ingredients and the kitchen.

The Cookbook is a great book if you’re a starter on Alfresco. I see many people start out with Alfresco and get overwhelmed with the possibilities. – This is their book.

It takes you by the hand and let you install Alfresco and the supporting tools needed. Almost all features of the Alfresco Explorer interface as well as many of Alfresco Share are described. I cannot help but having a glance at Munwar Shariff’s Alfresco Content Management Implementation book, also on my shelf.  There are some similarities. Next to the ‘picks and clicks’, the Cookbook also describes the first steps in configuration, the datamodel, JavaScript API (Sample chapter!), Webscrips, Freemarker and JBPM Workflow, configuring fileservers and using the Sharepoint protocol. For a starter book, it covers it all, and you can follow the guides. For a brief overview of the contents in sections, see this great review, and this one from Dick Weisinger (FormTek) is valid as well. Continue reading ‘Review of ‘Alfresco 3 Cookbook’ by Snig Bhaumik’