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Alfresco development using JRebel – less restarting, more focus

JRebelA while ago I was pointed to JRebel, and recently had some time to fire it up. JRebel is a tool that can prevent restarts of your (web)application by dynamically loading ¬†classes and classpath changes. This effectively means that the number of restarts during development can be dramatically reduced, having all kind of¬†benefits. The most obvious is you loose less time waiting for the system to restart. Side effects I notice, is that I stay more focussed on developing and solving the problem at hand. I do not dive into distracting activities as email, webbrowsing, chats, getting/drinking coffee or beer to spend the time ‘effectively’, waiting for my application server to be back online again. I stay in the ‘flow’, stay focussed, and be productive. Continue reading ‘Alfresco development using JRebel – less restarting, more focus’