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Ephesoft CMIS Export plugin using Alfresco’s Aspects

Ephesoft is a great tool to process scanned pages, construct documents again (no separator pages anymore), gather metadata, and read barcodes and line items. Next to that it is build on a wide diversity of open standards. CMIS is one of them, and it is a perfect standard to use to get the document and metadata as a whole to a content management system of choice (as I described before). The major document management solutions implemented this open industry standard in their latest releases. The ‘biggest’ downside is the CMIS standard is bound to Document Types being transfered. Alfresco is focused on the concept of an Aspect, a bundle of metadata and behavior that one could assign to any object. Alfresco has created an CMIS extension that supports these Aspects. This blog post describes how to use this extension to allow Ephesoft to export Alfresco Aspects using CMIS. Continue reading ‘Ephesoft CMIS Export plugin using Alfresco’s Aspects’

Java based mailserver

I am in need for a simple Java based mailserver. It should talk SMTP and IMAP, then I can use it to demo Ephesoft when out of network, and start capturing and extracting metadata from the attachments in my email.

I ran into Dwarf, actually a framework capable of doing a lot of other things next to being a mailserver. The protocols in use are configurable, it can talk IMAP, SMTP and POP3, although I am not planning on using the POP3. It even supports aliases! Continue reading ‘Java based mailserver’

Ephesoft and Alfresco in one Tomcat instance

In the past I already tried to get Ephesoft (The open source, web based mailroom automation tool)  and Alfresco (the open source content management solution) running in a single Tomcat instance. On Ubuntu, and starting with the Alfresco instance, copying Ephesoft into there. For all kind of distracting reasons (among others writing 4 blogs simultaniously) this failed. This blog will describe a successful attempt to install both into a single Tomcat on Windows.

Why? Because it seems convenient for a demo, not to have to start a VMWare image next to two applications.
First, install Ephesoft. I did an Enterprise install ( against a previously installed MySQL (running as a service on my laptop). We are going to use the Tomcat as installed and configured by Ephesoft. Continue reading ‘Ephesoft and Alfresco in one Tomcat instance’

DRAFT: Ephesoft on Ubuntu Linux

Ephesoft is the ‘open source mailroom automation’ tool. The Community Edition comes with a full blown Windows installer, but being open source minded, and given the fact that it is a Java Web application depeding on some helper applications (like Tesseract, ImageMagick and hOCR), this should be doable… Right?

I you are looking for a successful recipe how to get Ephesoft running on Linux… Beware. This blog will get you half way there (at point of initial writing). I got stuck when Ephesoft calls for Tesseract to do the actual OCR. Once I get this fixed, I will continue. However, since this is my after-work-hours project, time prevented me for actually going all the way at this time. I do think the pointers so far could help you out. This ‘manual’ is incomplete, but might be a nice starter…

Continue reading ‘DRAFT: Ephesoft on Ubuntu Linux’

Open Source scanning with Ephesoft and Alfresco

A document management solution is good in managing ‘content’, control access, process the flow of content, perform transformations, give overview and control. But how does the content enter the system? One stream into the system can be fully digital; integrations with other IT systems, from email, from the office environment. However, there is a world of paper to manage as well. And how does the paper end up in a DMS? Scanning.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a full blown open source stack from scanning, through validation and indexing, pushed into the DMS and managed until it can be destroyed? Now you can, and Ephesoft is the entrance! Continue reading ‘Open Source scanning with Ephesoft and Alfresco’

Configuring Ephesoft and Alfresco for CMIS integration

This blog is the result of my discoveries in integrating Ephesoft, the open source mailroom automation, and Alfresco, the open source document management solution. Ephesoft is able to export to a CMIS-enabled repository, and Alfresco is the CMIS repository, and both are open source! In this blog I configure a default install of Ephesoft (using the Ephesoft installer) and a default install of Alfresco Community (using the installer). I installed each application on a different VM, I don’t like to make a mess of my laptop, and don’t want to spend time on getting both to run smoothly on a single VM image. Continue reading ‘Configuring Ephesoft and Alfresco for CMIS integration’