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Java based mailserver

I am in need for a simple Java based mailserver. It should talk SMTP and IMAP, then I can use it to demo Ephesoft when out of network, and start capturing and extracting metadata from the attachments in my email.

I ran into Dwarf, actually a framework capable of doing a lot of other things next to being a mailserver. The protocols in use are configurable, it can talk IMAP, SMTP and POP3, although I am not planning on using the POP3. It even supportsĀ aliases! Continue reading ‘Java based mailserver’

Point IMAP templates to Share

Alfresco offers the great feature to access the repository using the IMAP interface. From within Thunderbird or Outlook one can browse the content in the repository, and store/archive emails in the Spaces of choice. Great feature, however, the IMAP template that is displayed in the IMAP client (e.g. Thunderbird) generates links that point to the Alfresco Explorer interface instead of to the Share interface. This post will describe how to change this behaviour. Continue reading ‘Point IMAP templates to Share’