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Review of “Icinga Network Monitoring”

Icinga Network MonitoringI am a fan of monitoring. And of (implementing) Alfresco. There are too many organizations that could do better with some monitoring, for a whole bunch of business reasons. Especially at the start of the project until their IT department can catch up using their own tools, or from the starting point onward. I roughly know what Icinga can do, I know why an organization needs to have monitoring. I got the Icinga Virtual Appliance up and running and monitoring Alfresco at some 30-something parameters (Thanks for the plugin Tony de la Fuente, also note his Lightning Talk at the Alfresco DevCon 2012). Now I discovered Ansible, and I have a dream… Then this book arrived at my inbox… Continue reading ‘Review of “Icinga Network Monitoring”’

Alfresco Monitoring with JavaMelody

JavaMelodyInspired by Toni de la Fuente (@toniblyxpost about (Alfresco) server monitoring using JavaMelody, I decided to replicate the effort. Continue reading ‘Alfresco Monitoring with JavaMelody’