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Admin panel for Alfresco Business Reporting

alfresco business reporting logoI just released a version of the reporting module. It actually is a bug-fix, because it appeared there was an issue running the query based tables (thanks Vincenzo, Hunter and Greg for taking the effort of leaving feedback in this blog, or issuing a ticket @ Google Code!). In order to make the progress of harvesting more visible, this new version provides you with an admin page in Alfresco Share. The page shows you the list of tables, and the number of rows harvested per table. Continue reading ‘Admin panel for Alfresco Business Reporting’

The iPad is 20 years behind Microsoft Windows

A few weeks ago I had a discussion with a customer. They started a pilot for paperless meetings for the board members of CompanyX using Alfresco 4 (Share, actually) and iPad’s. The security department got worried.

CompanyX uses Alfresco+Share already as an internal repository. It stores confidential documents about all kind of business related stuff, and it is used as a collaboration environment. This instance is completely within the firewalls, and cannot be accessed from the outside. A new Alfresco+Share is installed  in the DMZ, accessible from the outside world. The Share access is fine, and can potentially be protected additionally using a 3rd party token authentication. The iPad’s are the toys the security department is worried about. Continue reading ‘The iPad is 20 years behind Microsoft Windows’

Review of ‘Alfresco Share’

When Packt Publishing approached me for a review of ‘Alfresco Share‘ by Amita Bhandari, Pallika Majmudar and Vinita Choudhary, I was mostly curious. I was biased about the book; I expected ‘Yet Another Beginners Guide’. It was that and I was positively surprised too! Continue reading ‘Review of ‘Alfresco Share’’

Running two Alfresco Tomcat instances on one machine


Recently I had to split my Tomcat instance into two, because our production situation has it’s Share separate from Alfresco Repository.  As indicated by Jeff Pots in his 7 mistakes developers make when customizing Alfresco Share posting, having a single Tomcat (but deploying at a separate Share instance) is a source for error. This post describes how to split your single all-in-one Tomcat in a dedicated Alfresco Tomcat (running on port 8080), and a dedicated Share Tomcat instance (using on port 80).

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Instantiate Space Template on creation of Alfresco Site

Alfresco ShareWe could already create custom Share Site definitions (dashboard definitions actually), but in the past one could not determine by the Site object what ‘type’ of Site was initiated. I filed an enhancement request (May 2010), and recently I noted that it has been implemented (already for a while probably, 3.3 or 3.4). Now this property exists (st:sitePreset) we can use it to instantiate a RUP folder structure for a RUP site, and a Prince2 folder structure for a Prince2 site, and so forth. This blog describes my findings and solutions to instantiate a Space Template into the documentLibrary of a Share Site. Continue reading ‘Instantiate Space Template on creation of Alfresco Site’

(How) Is your Alfresco repository being used?

In a recent post I just discovered this “Alfresco generate reports with JasperReports” project. It seemed to fit my needs for reporting against Alfresco and Share, and I was very happy and exited. However… It appeared to be too complex to use.

I try to be as little indispensible as possible. If someone from ‘the business’ is in need of reporting, I try to give access to a tool that suits his/her needs. If they need to create or modify a report, they should not be dependent of me, or anyone else capable of doing Alfresco Magic. Being build op Open Standards and proven technologies does not mean everybody is capable of doing everything with it

My view on reporting is:

  1. ‘The business’ should be able to create/maintain reports.
  2. The reporting environment should support Aspects. If one adds a type with some additional properties, the reporting environment should be able to deal with it, without manual reconfiguring.

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Know the usage of your Alfresco repository

it happens now and then an organization puts a DMS in place, and starts working. Usually they don’t have a clear view on how their system is used. I work for just such an organization; lets start working and formalize afterwards. Therefore I got this idea to create a reporting add-on. The main idea is to use an existing easy-to-use reporting tool to configure the reports, based on Alfresco data. the resulting reports should be stored in Alfresco. There is of course the Birt extension in the Alfresco Forge, but lets face it, I cannot give Eclipse to the report-maintaining guys.

Yesterday night I found this “Alfresco generate reports with JasperReports” project on Google Code (with a pointer in the Alfresco Forge). This does exactly what I initially had in mind. One can create XML feeds in Alfresco. Use the XML feed, combined with  a JasperReports report definition, and store the output in Alfresco again. And all this using Alfresco server-side scripting, which means you can easily schedule the reports to be generated at night, and that you can include logic like sequentially execute all reports existing in a given Space. (Think of adding a report-definition aspect to the JasperReport definition  object in Alfresco containing the name/link to the xml data feed…) All I have to do is come up with a clever set of XML feeds to source the reports! I am working on this idea to frequently update my XML feed (stored as a document in Alfresco). Continue reading ‘Know the usage of your Alfresco repository’