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Alfresco Monitoring with JavaMelody

JavaMelodyInspired by Toni de la Fuente (@toniblyxpost about (Alfresco) server monitoring using JavaMelody, I decided to replicate the effort. Continue reading ‘Alfresco Monitoring with JavaMelody’

Running two Alfresco Tomcat instances on one machine


Recently I had to split my Tomcat instance into two, because our production situation has it’s Share separate from Alfresco Repository.  As indicated by Jeff Pots in his 7 mistakes developers make when customizing Alfresco Share posting, having a single Tomcat (but deploying at a separate Share instance) is a source for error. This post describes how to split your single all-in-one Tomcat in a dedicated Alfresco Tomcat (running on port 8080), and a dedicated Share Tomcat instance (using on port 80).

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